A Spontaneous Linville Day

The Linville Gorge is such a quality run. You are guaranteed a full dose of fun whenever you are on this one. On this day in particular, I met up with the legend Daniel Stewart , Daniel Windham, and Mr. Nate Elliot for whitewater boat ridin'!

Here's Daniel hiking down to the gorge. Very purty with the colors and mist and stuff...

Daniel Windham gettin some Babel Tower boof action.

Daniel erecting his boat straight up in the air like the show-off he is.

Nate dropping into Cave Rapid.

This kid not only has red hair but great paddling skillz too!

And mystery move skills as well.

View from the bottom of Windham running Cave.

Seal launching in below the portage.

Looking back up at one of my favorite boogie rapids just below the seal launch.

Ah solitude! A good John Muir quote would be appropriate here.

D. Stewart greasing a double drop.

The level was great...I think 2.4ish, maybe? It was only my second time out there and can't wait to get back!

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