Dinkey Creek Waterfalls Video

I took advantage of a light homework load this weekend and did some editing from the stockpile of footage from this summer's Cali trip. I liked so much of the Dinkey Creek footage that I decided to do a short piece on just Dink. The flow seemed to be a solid medium (350 cfs), which turned out to be a great level for us to show ourselves down first D style. What makes this run so much fun is how runnable everything is in addition to its steep gradient. After the run, I think we calculated that one could paddle the whole stretch with just two portages, if they were feeling up to it...

Check it out:

Dinkey Creek Waterfalls '08 from Clayton Gaar on Vimeo.

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Adam said...

nice, man. yo, text me and we will hook up the juggling. 828.321.ADAM