A Collection of Raven Fork Photos

Over the past few years, the popularity of and the regularity of runs on the Raven Fork has exploded. With its steep gradient, huge clean drops, relatively easy (but extremely tenuous) access, dialed gauges, and spectacular pristine surroundings, it is no wonder why the Raven Fork has become a favorite Class V fix for so many kayakers in the Southeast. We continue to have access despite more than a few inconsiderate knuckleheads' blunders that keep us walking a fine line regarding the access situation. Let us hope we can still get these goods in the future.

Over the years I've collected a bunch of pictures from the Raven Fork, so here are some of my favorites:
The short, but rutted shuttle has been known to hand out beatings. 4x4 and high clearance is highly recommended.

Joe Barkley dropping into the top drop of the first big rapid, Anaconda.

Mac McGee dropping into the same drop on Anaconda, but viewed from the bottom of the rapid.

Mac finishing out Anaconda.

Daniel on the final slide of Mortal Combat.

Wet Willy.

Nathan Silsbee getting a Wet Willy.

Some stand on that rock to scout Big Boy. However, most just stand in awe of the beauty and power of the drop and the amazing view of the insane gradient below.

Looking at the infamous Big Boy lip.

One of my favorite photos, Chris Gragglemans showing me how to style it on my first trip down the RF. He's so good that the gods highlight his runs with rainbows.

Feeling small at the bottom of Mike Tysons Punchout.

Eric Chance and Stephen McGrady blue angeling Mike Tyson's, with Chance sticking the final 20 footer backwards in true style.

Adam Secrest doing the same with handpaddles. What a beast!

Silsbee posing to show us how to make Mike Tysons look easy.

Mac amidst Mike Tysons. This rapid is a great photo opportunity.

Somebody looking very small in Mike Tysons, so small that I can't tell who it is.

Chris Gragmans about to accelerate at light speed, dropping into Mike Tysons at high water...

And about to fly off the final 20 footer.

Eli Smith dropping in to Harjes' Rapid with truly mystical surroundings.

Saunders in Caveman, experiencing the "best boof in the southeast" for the first time.

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